Accessibility Statement


These respirators are suitable for home use or in small woodworking shops (not for industrial use). Equipped with two organic-vapor cartridges and pre-filters, they provide protection against organic vapors, dusts, and vapors of paints/lacquers/enamels when used with adequate ventilation. (They do not provide protection against paint strippers containing methylene chloride. We recommend that you use this type of stripper only outdoors.)

The elastomer face piece on the standard model fits securely and seals well. The silicone face piece on the deluxe model fits comfortably, is easy to clean and is less likely to irritate skin. The straps on both models are designed with cradle suspension for secure positioning and have adjustable clips. Available in three sizes (the regular size fits 90% of users).

Replacement filter parts are available. Pre-filters have an N95 NIOSH rating and should be changed frequently to extend the life of the chemical cartridges.

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