Accessibility Statement


Founded over 30 years ago by a professional carpenter, Occidental Leather is well known for meticulous design and rugged construction using high-quality materials.

A vest is an excellent way to keep tools organized and accessible while distributing their weight comfortably over your shoulders, back and chest. This one, made of durable nylon, has an open back to keep you cool and is adjustable for fit.

It has a total of 17 slots and pockets to hold tools and fasteners at the ready, including your cell phone and safety glasses. One pocket is lined with a plastic shield for safely holding blades and other sharp tools. A side pouch and the hammer holder are removable and have integral clips for belt attachment.

The vest can be worn alone or in combination with auxiliary tool and fastener bags or a drill holster. All are made from durable nylon and clip to steel D-rings along the lower edge of the vest.

The tool bag has a 9" × 8" deep main pouch, a 6 1/2" × 5" deep secondary bag plus six slots and a loop for holding tools. The fastener bag has three pouches plus four pockets and a loop for holding tools. The main pouch is about 9" × 8" deep; the secondary bags are each 4" × 5" deep.The drill holster has a leather handle-restraint strap and three slots to hold drill and driver bits. The included fastener pouch, about 5" × 6" deep, is detachable.

Made in the USA, all are backed by a 2-year warranty.

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