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In this book, Savage reflects on his extraordinary career as one of Britain's most renowned contemporary furniture makers. An outspoken, often polarizing figure known for defying conventional woodworking practice, he offers insight into his idiosyncratic approach to design and craftsmanship, rooted in the Arts & Crafts movement's principle of creating things that are "both beautiful and useful," but expressed in his own distinctive style.

He gives plenty of advice on workshop techniques, covering tool selection, sharpening, joinery, assembly and much more, in addition to a frank, unabashed account of his successes as well as his failures in the woodworking business.

A wide-ranging exploration of an artisan's life, covering everything from finding inspiration in nature to the harsh realities of selling one's work, this is an eye-opening read for anyone who creates things by hand.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" x 11", 304 pages, 2018.

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