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Woodworking in a woodland setting is not a radical idea – it was once common for chairmakers and turners to set up temporary workshops close to the coppices where they harvested the wood for their crafts. Law builds on that tradition and integrates modern innovations in this practical guide for creating a temporary work site or a long-term workshop in the woodlands.

He gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for making 16 devices to hold and help shape work – including several styles of shaving horse, knee vices that use your body weight to clamp long workpieces, and a traditional lathe powered by a flexible pole and treadle. An emphasis on using undressed lumber means that most of the devices can be assembled with materials found in the forest, minimizing the amount of wood and equipment you need to transport.

Throughout the book, Law provides notes on the origins and usage of the tools and devices, as well as insights into their historical background. Hardcover, 8 3/4" × 10 1/2", 2018, 207 pages.