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A quarterly publication celebrating the art and craft of woodworking by hand, Quercus features the voices of craftspeople and makers from around the world. Named for the genus to which oak belongs, the magazine highlights workmanship and design, woodworking techniques, tools and traditions spanning the centuries.

This issue features an extract from Make a Chair from a Tree, Third Edition by Jennie Alexander with Larry Barrett and Peter Follansbee, in which Alexander describes a variety of practical jigs and holding devices for chairmaking.

Laura Mays reflects on teaching plane making at the Krenov School, and Derek Jones discusses features to consider when choosing a block plane. Rex Krueger examines a carpenter’s tool chest built prior to the mid-twentieth century, Ethan Cox restores a Millers Falls No. 1 hand drill, and Kyle Barton describes the design of his spindle-drilling guide. Robin Gates sees potential in reclaimed timber from discarded furniture, and Scott Wynn offers advice for making shooting boards to last.

Also in this issue is Nick Gibbs’ review of The Woodland Craft Handbook by Ben Law, a Q&A with plane maker Ryan Thompson, and more.

Printed on thin recycled paper with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 63 pages, 2021.

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