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A quarterly publication celebrating the art and craft of woodworking by hand, Quercus features the voices of craftspeople and makers from around the world. Named for the genus to which oak belongs, the magazine highlights workmanship and design, woodworking techniques, tools and traditions spanning the centuries.

In this issue, a profile on planemaker Bill Carter chronicles his woodworking journey from shed building to crafting sought-after hand planes. Highlights include Bill’s online videos and his inclusion in the fourth edition of Goodman’s British Planemakers.

In other articles, David Godber celebrates the versatility of northern birch and expounds on its various uses, and Robin Gates explains new methods for improving his dowel joints.

Dylan Iwakuni reports on the building of a woodworking facility near Mount Fuji as well as the courses to be taught there.

Inspired by IKEA designs, Martin Sturfätt takes on the arduous task of fitting rotating kitchen shelves into his new Swedish home, and Henrie van Rooij gives advice on dealing with workshop humidity to prevent rust forming on tools.

Emphasizing the importance of practice in mastering your craft, Gary Rogowski shares his disciplined approach to woodworking in an excerpt from his book Handmade: Creative Force in the Age of Distraction.

Also in this issue, Quercus reviews Woodworking Joinery by Hand by Toyohisa Sugita, Nick Gibbs discusses the top three blog entries of Anne of All Trades, Charles Mak reveals what can be learned from wood waste, and more.

Printed on thin recycled paper with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 63 pages, 2023.

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