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In this practical guide published by Mortise & Tenon Magazine, author Joshua A. Klein uses his extensive knowledge of period furniture making to show you how to develop an efficient workflow when building furniture with hand tools.

The book is divided into three sections: Stock Prep, Workholding and Workflow. In the first section, Klein walks the reader through a variety of methods of sawing and planing rough boards, riving and hewing green stock, proper use of hatchets, edge jointing and more.

The second unit outlines optimal ways of workholding, focusing on “free” work (not held by a vise or clamp) and “restrained” work (using a vise or clamp). In the final section, Klein outlines his seven principles to work by, bringing all the lessons together to reach peak efficiency on a project.

Detailed color photos accompany every step to ensure that you get the best results by using your hand tools in the most efficient ways. An excellent reference guide for anyone who works with hand tools.

Softcover, 7" × 9 1/2", 165 pages, 2022.

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