Bending wood into curved forms greatly expands possibilities for woodworking design and construction, but for beginners, the techniques may seem daunting. A complete course on lamination bending and steam bending, this book and DVD demystify the forces at work and the methods used to apply them successfully in the workshop.

The DVD guides you through every step, demonstrating Schleining's approach to various projects and problems. The companion book presents the information in a graphic, easy-to-follow format, filled with diagrams, step-by-step color photos, and other reference material. It covers how to build forms, steamboxes, jigs and other accessories, how to cut laminates and choose adhesives, as well as glue-up and clamping of bent laminations. A final section outlines dry-heat bending.

Together, the DVD and book provide comprehensive instruction to help you confidently add bending methods to your woodworking repertoire.

Softcover, 9" x 11", 105 pages, 2010. DVD length: 60 minutes.