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Drawing on over 40 years of experience as a furniture maker and woodworking instructor, renowned woodworker Paul Sellers developed this book and seven-DVD set as a comprehensive training course in traditional hand-tool woodcraft. Emphasizing accuracy, sharp tools and proper technique, he presents a structured curriculum of lessons and projects that build skills progressively from fundamental principles to advanced methods.

The DVDs demonstrate each project step by step; to support the DVDs, the companion textbook (softcover, 9" × 11", 320 pages, 2011) includes scaled patterns, hundreds of color photographs and diagrams, detailed project instructions, and other materials for helpful reference throughout the course.

Through a series of practice projects, from carving a simple wooden spatula to making dovetails, Essentials 1 (80-minute DVD) and Essentials 2 (87 minutes) establish a broad foundation, covering wood properties, tools, wood-shaping methods and joinery. Expanding on that base, DVD 3 (Master Dovetails, 80 minutes) provides a tutorial on making intricate dovetails by showing you how to make a Shaker-inspired box, with additional instruction in layout and planing work.

DVD 4 (Master Housing Dadoes, 84 minutes) takes you through the construction of a bookcase as a study in making housing dadoes. Through the process of building an oak side table, DVD 5 (Master Mortise & Tenons, 100 minutes) focuses on mortise-and-tenon joinery, while also demonstrating shaping and finishing techniques.

Tackling a subject that is emphasized throughout the course, DVD 6 (Master Sharpening, 117 minutes) teaches essential techniques for sharpening edge tools quickly and consistently. DVD 7 (Master European Workbenches, 84 minutes) brings together elements of the previous lessons to show you how to build a traditional workbench that is strong and versatile, and can be customized to suit your needs or available space.

Combined, the book and DVDs cover a broad span of techniques that you can apply to virtually any woodworking project, all explained in a clear, straightforward manner. A complete novice-to-master training course, highly recommended for woodworkers of any skill level.

The DVDs are also available separately.

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