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For turning salt and pepper shakers and mills that combine form and function, this book is filled with both creative ideas and practical lathe and assembly techniques. A section on safety, tools, techniques and materials opens the book, with a description of working properties for several recommended exotic woods, followed by a brief history of salt and pepper containers through the ages. A section on design discusses how to take your ideas and refine them into finished designs you can work from to create your own original pieces.

Of the 30 projects described, 10 are shakers for pre-ground salt and pepper, 14 are mills with a traditional pepper grinding mechanism, and six are for the CrushGrind mechanism, which can be used for both salt and pepper. Before each category is a chapter of instructions and general advice on how to complete the projects that follow. Dimensioned drawings and written instructions with specific tips are provided for each of the projects, which are rated according to the skill level and equipment required.

Softcover, 8"x11", 175 pages, 2011.