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Derived from a word meaning “ingenious, clever or artful,” slöjd refers to the Swedish folk-art tradition of making practical, attractive household objects from green wood using only a few basic hand tools. Translated from the original 2016 edition, this book explores the craft from the perspective of a renowned modern practitioner.

Sundqvist gives advice on selecting trees, felling and riving them with an axe, and preparing the wood for carving. He offers insight on visualizing a finished piece within the raw timber, following its form and grain for both beauty and strength. Supplemented by photos and drawings throughout, the book details an array of techniques for carving, joinery, painting, sharpening and more – there is even an entire illustrated section devoted to showing how to grip the knife for various types of cuts.

Beginning with a simple butter knife, it shows you how to make a range of useful objects such as spoons, ladles, bowls, boxes, cutting boards, coat hooks and stools. But more than just a book of carving techniques and projects, it is an exploration of Sundqvist’s philosophy on the human impulse to create things we need from the materials around us.

Hardcover, Smyth sewn, 7 1/2" × 10 1/2", 116 pages, 2018.

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