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If you’re serious about leathercraft, these professional-grade shears make an outstanding addition to your toolkit.

They are made to exacting standards in Solingen, Germany, from high-grade carbon steel that’s hardened to stay sharp through long use. Their smooth, precise cutting action permits controlled cuts, so it’s easy to follow your line. In our testing, it took little effort to make clean cuts in heavy belt leather (10-12oz), with no fiber crushing or torn edges.

The stout blades are 3/16" thick, giving them the rigidity needed to resist skewing, and the toothed edge along one jaw prevents leather from twisting or shifting during the cut. The ambidextrous handles have a rubberized coating for comfortable grip, and are spring-loaded to reopen automatically after each squeeze, minimizing hand strain. A locking clip keeps the handles closed for safe storage. 9" overall.

Robustly constructed for working with tough, fibrous leathers, yet capable of incredibly fine, detailed cuts, this is a superbly made tool, and a real pleasure to use.

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