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Fine detailing of furniture is best done by hand. It takes substantial jigging and nerves of steel to put stopped flutes in a table leg with a router. Not so with the Veritas Beading Tool; you can do beading, fluting and reeding in difficult woods with confidence. It is as easy to use as it is to set up.

Using one of the standard cutters or one that you custom shape, you can put fine detail in furniture quickly and accurately. The center post grips a cutter for work next to the head or inches away from it. The integral fence is slotted so that a cutter can be partly recessed if necessary. The rock maple body has all-brass fittings.

Designed for cutting on either the push or pull stroke, it can be used with the grain on any wood as well as across the grain on woods like cherry or maple. It comes with a 3/32” radius single-point cutter and five blank cutters. Cutters are 5/8" wide and made of hardened spring steel. Since both ends of each cutter can be used, this gives you a dozen possibilities. Standard shapes are available separately.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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