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Drawboring is a joinery technique that produces strong, durable joints without need for glue or clamps. The key to making a tight joint this way is to offset the peg holes by 1/16" to 3/32" between the mortise and tenon, so as a wooden peg is inserted, the joint is drawn together. Ensuring proper alignment before final assembly can be tricky. This is where a drawbore pin is useful. Its tapered shaft acts as a wedge, drawing the joint together just as a wooden peg would, allowing a test fit prior to assembly. It also partially aligns the offset holes, helping clear the way for the wooden peg that will ultimately secure the joint.

The pins are available in two sizes for working with common peg diameters. For use with 1/4" diameter pegs, the 10 1/2" long overall pin has a 6 3/8" shaft that tapers to a point from a 5/16" diameter base. The 12" long overall pin with a 7 7/8" shaft is for use with 3/8" diameter pegs and tapers to a point from a 7/16" diameter base. Both turned stainless-steel shafts run the length of the tool. The octagonal hardwood handles are epoxied in place for strength.

Made in Canada.

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