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Founded in 1825, Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd. produced some of the finest tools of the Victorian age.

This elegant hand reeder and beading tool can be used to cut decorative profiles into furniture (such as beading on small table or cabinet edges or reeding on chair and table legs). It can also be used with a straight cutter for shallow rabbeting work, such as on mirror and picture frames.

The convex sole and fence are helpful for curved workpieces, allowing the tool to follow contours, and its slim design (only 5/8" from front to back) lets you cut close to an inside corner. It can cut on either the push or pull stroke.

At just over 5" wide and about 1 15/32" tall overall, it keeps both your hands close to the work, affording excellent control. The curved handles fit your fingers naturally, offering a secure, comfortable grip.

Our version is a close reproduction of the original, cast from stainless steel with a black powder-coat finish. A 3/32" single-point cutter, a 1/8" beading cutter and a blank cutter for custom shaping are included; since both ends of each cutter can be used, this gives you six profile possibilities.

Standard blade shapes are also available separately (the same hardened spring-steel blades used with our other beading tool). A classic tool that’s both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Made in Canada.

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