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While experienced carvers recognize this set as excellent value, even those who don't consider themselves carvers will find it a worthy addition to the workshop. Dependable tools with a broad range of applications, they’re not just for adding carved decoration or for shaping.

For example, the shallow gouges have a slight curvature that lets you make overlapping cuts to quickly produce a level surface without digging in, useful when cutting recesses for hardware, flush-trimming joinery pins and wedges, or similar situations where you might reach for a chisel. The two widest gouges can be used for rapid stock removal as well as fine finishing cuts. When used in a rolling motion, they take a shearing cut that severs fibers cleanly.

The set includes a 1/4" parting tool, 1/4" and 3/4" #4 gouges, a 1/4" #7 gouge, a 1/8" #11 gouge, and 1/2" and 1" #6 gouges. The high-carbon steel blades (Rc57-62) are finish-ground to a good edge (although some may prefer to apply final honing). Tools are about 9" long with octagonal beech handles and steel ferrules, supplied in a fitted wooden box.

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