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In The Book of Wood Carving, Charles Sayers recommends a basic set of five tools for bold relief carving:

  • a 3/8" 60° parting tool
  • a 5/8" #5 gouge
  • a 3/8" #7 gouge
  • a 3/8" #3 gouge
  • a 1" #3 gouge

To this tool selection, we have added a 3/8" skew chisel. The tools are made by Henry Taylor Tools Ltd. of Sheffield and are hand forged, which results in a fine-grained steel that holds an edge well and will last a lifetime if given normal care. All tools have brass ferrules and select beech or pau marfim handles. Due to the hand forging, sizes are nominal and shapes may vary slightly.

The set comes in an 18-pocket canvas tool roll and includes a copy of Sayers' book.