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Father and daughter Robin and Jojo Wood are renowned spoon carvers and teachers instrumental in supporting a resurgence of edge tool manufacturing in Sheffield, England. Together they formed Wood Tools to create top-quality carving axes and knives for experienced carvers that are also versatile and easy for beginners to use.

An excellent all-around spoon carving knife, this tool is designed for comfort and versatility. It has a 2" long blade made of alloy steel, hardened to Rc61, with a curvature that becomes progressively tighter towards the tip. This permits a range of cuts from deep to shallow, depending on which part of the blade you are using.

The blade comes honed and ready to use. Behind the bevel is a highly polished, rounded section that reduces friction on the blade, providing clearance so the cutting edge remains engaged with the wood through the sweeping motion of the cut.

The 7 1/2" beech handle allows for various grips for different cuts and better overall control of the blade. Its octagonal shape gives a secure grip, prevents rolling and makes the knife comfortable to hold.

Available in right-hand and left-hand versions.

Protective sheath sold separately.

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