Accessibility Statement


Supplying all the tools you need for carving a spoon from a roughed-out blank, this knife has a compact folding design that shields its keen edges when slipped into a pocket.

It includes a 1 3/8" straight blade for everything from initial shaping to fine details, as well as two curvatures of right-handed hook blade for hollowing the bowl. The small hook blade is 1" long with a 2 1/4" radius; the large is 1 3/8" long and has a 5" radius. The spring-steel blades (Rc55) are honed, ready for use, and the contoured anodized aluminum handle is knurled for grip and has easy-to-operate lock levers that prevent accidental closure.

With a folded length of 4 1/4" and weighing only 4 oz, this is a practical, portable knife, well made in the USA.