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Making sure all the clamps and pieces of a large project are correctly aligned for glue-up can be a challenge, especially for adhesives with short open times. This system simplifies the process by converting a table or bench top into a clamping station, holding clamps upright and in position so all you have to worry about is assembling the parts.

Each Baltic birch plywood rail is machined with alternating 3/8" wide slots for parallel-jaw bar clamps and 1 3/32" wide slots for 3/4" pipe clamps. The pair of 30" long rails provides a stable base for clamping wide projects, and the only limit on how far apart you place them is the reach of your clamps. The 11/16" thick rails can be used freestanding on any table top or, for improved stability, mounted in 3/4" or 20mm dog holes using the four included platform saddles.

A simple way to make glue-ups easier and more efficient. Made in Canada.

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