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For holding 90˚ corners and T-joints squarely, this clamp is particularly useful when assembling boxes, cabinets or drawers.

A thumbscrew adjuster lets you control the clamping force – you can apply just a light hold for delicate work or up to 400 lb of force at the maximum setting. Once set, the clamp automatically maintains the same force regardless of stock thickness up to a maximum of 1", so you can switch between workpieces without having to make adjustments.

Jaws comprising cast aluminum V- and wedge-clamp pads grip the inner and outer surfaces of the pieces forming the 90˚ join, aligning them squarely together. A cut-out allows you to drive in a fastener such as a nail or a pocket-hole screw without having to remove the clamp.

Sturdy all-metal construction with padded handles for grip.

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