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Special buy. Limited stock.

Economically priced but not cheaply made, these simple, reliable clamps operate smoothly with a sprung jaw-advancement mechanism, so you can quickly position them one-handed. Once set, they won’t shift or loosen, even at maximum clamping strength, and they let go without a struggle with a squeeze of the release lever.

The sturdy plastic jaws can be easily reversed for spreading applications and have non-marring pads with a grooved surface pattern for grip.

We offer them in two sets: a set of four 6" clamps, and a set of two 12" and two 24" clamps (sizes refer to maximum clamping capacity). Applying up to 154 lb of clamping force, all have sturdy steel bars measuring 5mm × 13mm (about 3/16" × 1/2") and a throat depth of 60mm (about 2 3/8").

A great opportunity to stock up on good clamps at a terrific price.

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