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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

Few clamps are as efficient as vacuum systems, as they give unobstructed access to the work, and suction is instantly applied or released at the flick of a switch. Ideal for small workshops, these economical Australian-made clamps run on small compressors. Using the Venturi effect to create a vacuum, they hold any material with at least one smooth, non-porous side.

The single-sided clamp requires 1 cfm of air at 80 psi and mounts with four screws; the double-sided clamp requires 2 cfm at 80 psi and vacuum-mounts instantly to smooth surfaces.

At 80 psi, they yield a vacuum of about 12 psi (up to 150kg/330 lb, depending on workpiece area) at sea level. Both have a 5 1/4" square clamping surface divided by channels into nine sections, so you can configure the gasket to suit the workpiece. Both include three sizes of closed-loop gasket material – one for the perimeter (the double-sided clamp has two), one for six segments, and one for four. They also include two 1/4" quick-connect compressor fittings and 40" of polyurethane tubing.

Several optional accessories are available separately: an on/off lever valve to control airflow independently of the compressor; extra tubing and T-connectors to connect multiple clamps (higher-capacity compressor required); and packs of replacement gaskets which include one of each size.

Ideal for production work or for items that must be repositioned frequently.