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This kit of work-holding accessories lets you harness the full capabilities of Festool's MFT/3 multifunction table. Complete with three hold-downs, two low-profile planing stops and eight dogs in two sizes, it lets you position and hold work quickly and securely. All the items have 20mm diameter posts designed specifically for use with the MFT's 3/4" thick perforated table top.

Don't own an MFT/3? The kit also includes a 20mm forstner bit so you can create your own workstation using 3/4" material. (A through hole in 3/4" thick material is required to secure the toggle clamp plate and the surface dogs with clamping knobs; however, the dogs can also be used without knobs. The surface clamp and low-profile stop can be used in any through hole in material at least 5/8" thick – no clamping knob required.)

The kit comes in a custom black-and-yellow T-Loc Systainer 1 case with a French-fitted liner made of firm closed-cell EVA foam. A contrasting bottom layer lets you see at a glance if anything is missing. Four spots to store Festool accessory clamping knobs are provided; we've included four inexpensive star-shaped knobs, but you can just as easily replace them with your own Festool knobs.

The kit includes:

  • 4 small surface dogs
  • 4 large surface dogs
  • 2 low-profile planing stops
  • 1 surface clamp
  • 2 Bessey low-profile horizontal auto-adjust toggle clamps (with mounting plates for use in 20mm dog holes)
  • 4 clamping knobs (for securing the dogs and toggle clamp plates)
  • a 20mm forstner bit

The full price on the components if ordered individually is $407.