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These bench-top hold-downs are not only adjustable for clamping force, but once set, they automatically maintain the same force throughout their range of travel, so you can switch from one stock thickness to another without having to make adjustments. The thumbscrew adjuster lets you apply just a light hold for delicate work, or up to 400 lb of clamping force at the maximum setting.

Each clamp comes with a mounting bolt that locks securely in a keyhole slot in the mounting plate (sold separately); this configuration allows 360° clamp rotation for best positioning, as well as easy removal whenever you need an unobstructed work surface.

The small clamp has a 3" reach and holds material up to 2 1/2" thick; the large has a 6" reach and a 4 1/4" capacity. Both are supplied with removable non-marring pads. The 3" × 4" × 1/4" thick mounting plate (available separately) can be recessed into a bench top or leg, installed on a sawhorse or incorporated into a jig.

Mounting hardware and instructions included. A convenient, versatile work-holding system.

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