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Band clamps are ideal for clamping up oddly shaped frames; however, getting the corners aligned properly can be a challenge, specifically since the band tension tends to misalign the parts unless securely held in place.

Most band clamps are supplied with corners intended for clamping 90° joints. Our variable-angle corners will clamp joints ranging from 30° to almost 180°, such as polygon frames or triangular bases. The pivoting pads interlock so that the tip of the joint will always be properly aligned. Integral tabs clip onto the webbing so the corners stay in place when tightening or repositioning.

Made from strong, glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, these corners will easily withstand the forces applied and provide protection to the workpiece and the web. Corners will fit web material from 3/4" wide to just over 1". We offer a 16’, 1” wide web clamp that can be used with the corners (available separately).


Sold in packages of four.

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