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Though not inexpensive (there just aren't as many good brace manufacturers around as there used to be), these are good-quality braces and are exceptional for both round- and hex-shank bits. Manufactured in France, these 10" sweep braces are sturdy, well finished, and operate smoothly with a ball-bearing head.

Our two-jaw chuck model is designed for use with bits that have square-taper tangs with short shanks (such as spoon bits, reamers, socket adapters, etc.), but also works with regular auger bits and round shanks from 3/16" to 11/32".

The standard three-jaw chuck model accepts round shanks from 7/64" to 19/32" in diameter and all standard hex-shank bits. It also has the usual square-taper socket for conventional auger bits.

Both braces have composite heads and grips.

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