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Special buy. Limited stock.

If you don't currently own a set of files, this is a great assortment to get you started – and for those who do, this is a chance to add to your collection at a good price. The set of seven includes 4", 6" and 10" mill bastard files, a 10" flat smooth file, a 10" mill smooth file and two slim files (5" and 6"). A soft-grip handle is also included, and is usable with any of the files.

The single-cut mill bastard files are the files you will reach for most often. All have coarse teeth and are a good choice for quick stock removal, such as when removing nicks or shaping blades on drawknives, hatchets and axes, and for draw-filing cabinet scrapers. The range of lengths lets you select the right size and coarseness for the work at hand, as the shorter the file length, the finer the cut.

Intended for more aggressive stock removal, the flat smooth file is cut with two intersecting diagonal rows of teeth. This allows faster material removal than with a single-cut file, but with a trade-off of leaving a rougher surface.

The single-cut mill smooth file has fine teeth and is for smoothing or finishing surfaces after using a mill bastard or flat smooth file, and for quickly refining or touching up an edge on a cutting tool.

The triangular, slim files are for grooving, corner work and saw filing (5" S for 8 tpi to 10 tpi, 6" XS for 11 tpi to 12 tpi). Both files taper towards the point, and, as with the mill bastard files, the shorter the file length, the finer the cut.

A great buy on a wide assortment of useful files. Made in Mexico.

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