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These well-designed drawknives are made from hot-forged high-carbon steel (hardened to Rc55). The blades are ground to a 36° to 37° bevel angle, then sharpened to a working edge that can be honed as needed.

The hardwood handles are made in the classic French style, which gives a solid, comfortable grip despite the difference in shape from traditional North American styles. The advantage of the French style lies in the way your fingers curl over the knob and blade tang, creating a natural and relaxing grip for pulling.

For general-purpose duty, the small drawknife is about 13" long overall, with a 6" long cutting edge.

At about 18" long, with a 10" long cutting edge, the large version is for large-scale shaping and stock removal such as peeling logs for log home construction.

Includes a leather blade cover to protect the edge. Excellent drawknives for working green or dry wood.

Made in France.

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