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Although compact, lightweight and portable, this surprisingly rugged tool can efficiently cut through a 3" diameter tree branch in 60 seconds using a simple seesaw technique. Its size and flexibility make it particularly adaptable for sawing at odd angles or in tight, awkward spaces – root removal in trenches, clearing brush from fences and trimming in corners, for example.

The chain saw is 38" long with a 20 1/2" long blade and ergonomic handles. The 92 bi-directional 1/2" high teeth are hardened high-strength steel with a rust-resistant coating. They rarely require sharpening, but if they do, use a fine-toothed flat file. The chain saw coils into a compact size that fits into an included 3 3/4" × 1 3/4" × 4 1/2" carrying case with a sewn belt loop.

The tool and case together weigh 7 1/2 oz. Instructions included.

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