Accessibility Statement


A true classic, this hatchet is one any avid camper would be proud to own. Forged in the USA, it features the same rugged one-piece construction that earned Estwing hammers their reputation for near-indestructibility.

The 3 1/4" face is hand ground to a thin, gently concave profile, ideal for splitting kindling or cutting saplings. The neck has a stout profile but slim cross section, making it strong but lightweight. 13" overall and about 1 lb 10 oz, it is beautifully balanced to minimize fatigue in use and light enough to carry comfortably on your hip or in a backpack. The back of the head is a flat hammer face, suitable for driving tent stakes. The recurved handle has a finely finished leather grip that is compressed and riveted over the shank for durability.

Comes in a tough woven nylon belt sheath with a snap closure. Built to last a lifetime, it makes a practical, attractive gift any outdoor enthusiast would be thrilled to receive.

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