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Mallets used for froes go by many names, such as beetles, mauls and clubs. Froe users often make their own mallets from green hardwood, partly because it is inexpensive and partly because a good commercial froe mallet has not been available before.

Fortunately, we have been able to get Sam Bat, the famous Ottawa firm that makes bats for over 130 baseball pros, to make mallets for us from pro-grade overweight blanks, too heavy to meet the weight limitations of professional bats.

The kiln-dried hard maple is ideal for froe mallets since a steel hammer cannot be used; it would destroy the blade of the froe. The mallet will not last forever but it will last much longer than any mallet made from green wood of any North American species.

16" long with a head diameter of 2 5/8", they weigh about 2 lb each.

Made in Canada.

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