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The next generation of the original Tilt Box, this clever device allows you to instantly measure the relative angle between two surfaces, making it ideal for setting table saw blades, jointer fences, and bandsaw or drill press tables. You place it on the first surface, zero the display to calibrate it, and then move it to the second surface.

The display always reads left to right, even if inverted, and a "hold" button keeps the measurement for reference. It has a range of 90° left or right and a resolution of 0.05° (accurate to 0.2°). The compact unit, approximately 2 1/4" square by 1 1/4" thick, has a large liquid crystal display, with 1/2" high numerals for easy reading. Can also be calibrated to read absolute angles, so that it can measure level and plumb.

Rare-earth magnets on either side and on the bottom of the die-cast body hold it securely to any ferrous surface. Includes a 9V battery and a #0 Phillips screwdriver for removing the battery cover for replacement. Much more accurate for setting stationary power tools than using integral scales.

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