Most turner's calipers suffer from a common weakness; they must be read from the side, forcing you to cock your head every time you need to take a reading. Our direct-reading caliper is so named because the scale is situated where it should be — on the back end and reading vertically.

The anodized aluminum arms make this caliper lightweight; yet, at 0.080" thick, it is rigid enough to withstand most regular turning demands. The graduated aluminum scale is etched, providing a good contrast with the anodized surface. Graduated in 32nds, 0" to 4", with a throat capacity to cover the same range.

A torsion spring provides light but constant closing force, and a brass thumbscrew allows you to set the caliper at any opening for comparative measurements. Should you ever happen to damage a tip, requiring regrinding, the pointer can be re-zeroed with one screw. With the finger-shaped cut-outs, it is as comfortable as it is effective.

Made in Canada.