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Closely modelled on an antique tool in the Lee Valley collection, this marking gauge offers a reliable way to transfer and mark out measurements with both speed and precision. The original was made by the E.P. Johnson Rule Co., likely sometime around the turn of the 20th century, although its exact age is hard to ascertain.

It has a two-stage adjustment mechanism: a “traveller” that anchors the head assembly to the shaft, and a second fine-adjust knob that moves the head relative to the traveller. A full turn of the adjuster moves the head 0.024" (less than 1/32").

The hardened steel wheel cutter cuts wood fibers rather than tearing them, leaving a clearly defined line, even on cross grain. The wheel, which retracts into the gauge face for safe storage, is bevelled on only one side. This helps pull the 1 3/4" diameter gauge face against your work to maintain accuracy. Overall shaft length is a generous 7 7/8".

A clever design that works well. Made in Canada from investment-cast and machined stainless steel.

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