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This is an exceptional marking tool. Known as kensaki shirabiki, meaning “sword-tip marking knife,” it is used for incising layout lines, producing a much finer line than a pencil. It differs from a Western marking knife in that it has no handle, so it can be registered flat against a workpiece for reaching into tight spots. It can also work much like a skew chisel for tasks such as cleaning the bottom of a dovetail socket.

The spear-point design permits left- or right-hand use for marking out joinery, letting you score either side of a reference surface when scribing one workpiece to another.

The 15mm wide blade has a white steel #2 core hardened to Rc62-63 for good edge retention, and is laminated to a layer of softer carbon steel. This construction, combined with a hollow-ground back and wide bevel, makes it relatively easy to sharpen.

Measures nearly 7" long overall and has a blackened finish. Made in Japan. A simple, effective workshop staple.

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