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In addition to the standard protractor functions for measuring angles and calculating bisected, complementary and miter angles, this digital protractor also calculates rake and bevel angles at the touch of a button, greatly simplifying miter saw settings in crown molding work.

The two overlapping arms have a digital LCD readout at the pivot that instantly displays inside and outside angles over a 360° range in 0.1° increments. The readout zeroes at any position for differential measuring, and the arms lock at any angle for direct transfer to a miter saw. A hold button keeps the measurement displayed, so you don’t have to commit it to memory.

Rigid, durable and corrosion resistant, the 1/4" thick anodized aluminum arms provide ample surface contact for reliable registration against a wall or miter cut, and integral bubble vials let you check for plumb and level.

Runs on a single button-cell battery (two included). An auto-off feature shuts the display off after a period of inactivity to preserve battery life.

Well made in USA.