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Some tools are so useful they're difficult to describe without sounding like a sales pitch. One example is this protractor, which can be readily used in the workshop in place of a try square, a miter square, a sliding bevel, a bevel gauge or a regular protractor. We've also found it works well as an adjustable T-square for scratch-pad drafting.

Made from stainless steel with a non-glare matte finish, it has snug hollow-rivet joints that won't loosen through extended use. Reading from 0° to 180° in 1° increments, the head has crisply etched, black-filled graduations in both directions for direct and supplementary angles.

The 3 1/4" and 3 3/4" hinged arms permit accurate registration against inside or outside corners, and a knurled thumbscrew locks the setting. A compact, versatile tool for reading, marking or transferring angles, it's an easy-to-use workshop staple.

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