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Intended for use by electricians, this folding rule is insulated to protect against harm from incidental contact with voltages of up to 1000VAC/1500VDC. Strong and lightweight, it won't bend or twist like a tape measure, helpful when you are working alone. The rule surfaces can be marked with a pencil, allowing you to use it like a story stick for direct reference.

Each joint is spring loaded for constant tension, with detents that hold the rule in the open or folded position. It is 2m long (about 79") and folds to just over 9". Metric markings on one face and Imperial markings on the other are graduated in millimetres and 16ths, respectively.

Both sides read left to right. Certified by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute to meet industry standard DIN EN 60900 for 1000VAC/1500VDC insulated tools.

Made in Switzerland from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide.

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