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What we like best about these tapes is that you can mark the matte blade surface with a pencil, allowing you to use the blade like a story stick for direct reference. The case also has a scratch pad for measurements or simple diagrams. You can erase pencil marks on both the tape and the pad just by rubbing them with your thumb. There's even a built-in sharpener for standard pencils. Rubberized for grip and impact resistance, the case has a lever-action clip that hooks easily onto your belt. Two tape styles are available, with color-coded cases for quick identification.

These tapes automatically lock when extended, holding the length you set until you push the retract button. Their 16' × 1" blades can extend up to 7' before buckling.

The righty/lefty tape has Imperial markings on both edges, so it reads right-side up whether you’re measuring from the right or from the left. It is graduated in 16ths, with individually labelled fractions for easy reading.

The Imperial/metric tape is graduated in 16ths of an inch on one edge and millimetres on the other. On the Imperial side, the fractions are individually labelled, making them exceptionally easy to read.

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