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Palm planes are ideal for working on small projects and in areas where a larger plane would be cumbersome. These compact planes, while similar to the Stanley #100 and #100 1/2, have an enlarged squirrel-tail handle for better in-hand registration and comfort, and the elegant blade-fixing mechanism of the Little Victor.

The flat palm plane is perfect for chamfering and trimming, while the curved palm plane has the sole rounded side-to-side (1 1/2" radius) and front-to-back (12" radius), making it ideal for working hollows such as on chair seats. The investment-cast steel bodies are accurately machined and have a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth. The flat plane has a lapped sole (to a flatness tolerance of ±0.0002" or better); the curved plane has a finely milled sole. The blades are 30° bevel O1 lapped tool steel (0.085" thick by 1" wide), and are secured with a cogwheel screw.

Each plane weighs less than 7 oz and is 3 3/8" long at the sole, 1 3/8" wide and 4 7/8" long overall.

Made in Canada.

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