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While this small plane can be used as is, it was designed to be inset into a wooden plane body that you make. This lets you adapt the size, shape and function of the finished tool to suit your work type and preferred grip.

About the size of a finger plane, it can be used to create a small smooth plane or edge plane but is particularly useful for making a chamfer plane tailored to a specific width or angle.

Fitting neatly into a 1 11/16" × 3/4" mortise, the cast stainless-steel body has a linished sole, a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth. A brass retention screw secures the included 30° bevel A2 tool steel blade (0.06" thick by 0.46" wide). Notches along the sides of the body permit mechanical glue lock.

Instructions are included for creating a basic wooden body as well as chamfer guides. Used alone, the inset plane makes fine, controlled cuts. A simple way to craft a unique plane.

Made in Canada.

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