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These toothed blades allow fast material removal with minimal tear-out, even when working with difficult grain, particularly knots. They are also useful for leaving witness marks to indicate what parts of the work you still need to finish, or for texturing a surface for veneer.

Coarse (13 tpi), medium (17 tpi) and fine (25 tpi) blades are available. The coarse-toothed blade is a good choice for fast material removal, while the fine-toothed blade provides the best performance in densely figured wood or for leaving a finely grooved surface for veneering. The medium-toothed blade is a good general workhorse, offering a compromise between speed and tear-out prevention.

Designed for our Veritas bevel-up planes, the blades come in three widths. The 1 3/4" blade is for our small bevel-up smooth plane and the 2" blade is for our low-angle smooth plane. The 2 1/4" blade can be used in our bevel-up jointer, smoother and low-angle jack planes.

Made in Canada.

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