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After we introduced our scrub plane, we were surprised to learn that customers were using it not only for rough stock removal, but also for final finishing – using the aggressively cambered blade to give surfaces a rough-hewn, rustic appearance.

While the 3" radius blade supplied with the scrub plane is well suited for larger-scale work such as flooring or beams, it is oversized for cabinets and smaller furniture. That's why we've created these texturing blades. The wave-like blade flutes cut multiple small grooves with each pass, letting you create a surface finish that would normally require repetitive, painstaking work with a gouge.

The four-flute blade has 1/8" radius edges; the two-flute blade has 3/8" radius edges. Each A2 tool steel blade is 6" long, 1 1/2" wide and 3/16" thick.

Made in Canada.

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