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This is the tool to reach for when you need a plane but are reluctant to use your finely tuned block plane. Originally developed for model making, it is ideal for removing glue squeeze-out, trimming plywood, Masonite and laminate, or unsticking a painted cabinet door.

The zinc-alloy body has two primary blade positions bedded at 27° – one at the toe for flush trimming and another mid-body for surface planing. Blades installed at the toe can also cut linoleum, cardboard, or leather by holding the body upright and using the tool as a knife. A third blade position in the heel is for smoothing concave surfaces in thin material (finding the correct cutting angle requires a bit of practice).

The Rc60 blades are exceptionally durable, even when used on abrasive materials. Five double-edged blades are included. Additional blades sold separately. At 5" long by 2" wide, the plane fits easily into an apron pocket, drawer, or toolbox.

Made in Germany.

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