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Rabbet planes used to be widely available, but are now being discontinued by manufacturers. We developed this specialized plane to convert a chisel into a rabbet plane.

The body is made of ductile cast iron and is configured to hold a 1" bevel-edge chisel at a 45° angle, the same pitch as used on bench planes. It becomes a small plane that works equally well as a shoulder plane or rabbet plane and can be used to clean up machine-cut rabbets and tenons. It works like a butt mortise plane for cutting hinge gains. It will also cut 1" dadoes and grooves up to a depth of 3/8".

Precisely machined. Overall size is 1 3/8" wide by 5 1/2" long by 2 1/2" high. The clamping screw is solid brass.

While it excels as a job-site plane, it is equally handy in the shop.

Made in Canada.

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