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These are the frogs used in our custom bench planes.

Different cutting angles are suitable for different grain; low angles cut end grain cleanly while higher angles are used to plane face grain. The higher the blade angle, the harder the plane is to push, but the less likely it is to cause tear-out in difficult grain. Available in 2" and 2 3/8" widths.

We recommend three angles based on common work requirements.

The 40° frog provides a low cutting angle that reduces cut resistance and cleanly severs end-grain fibers.

The 45° frog offers a cutting angle that is suitable for most work. Also known as common pitch, it is the most frequently used bed angle for bevel-down planes.

The 55° frog provides a higher cutting angle, also known as middle pitch, for dealing with tear-out in difficult grain and figured wood. It takes a greater effort to push, however.

You can also order any frog angle between 40° and 65° in 1/2° increments. Please enter the custom angle in the additional order notes when you check out.

Made in Canada.

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