These are very well-made pliers. Though called angler's pliers, they're not just for fishing use, but also excel at any wire work. The needle-nose jaws are stainless steel with mating teeth for firm grip on even fine-gauge wire, and have three notches for bending heavier-gauge wire or for crimping wire sleeves. The wedge-shaped nib on one of the jaws is designed to pry open split rings and is also useful for hooking behind wires when extracting them from hard-to-reach spots. The anvil-style wire cutter is made of tungsten carbide for durability.

The jaws and wire cutter are replaceable (a kit including spare jaws, cutters and mounting screws is offered separately). The aluminum handles have a spring-return action for easy one-handed operation, and a cushioning coating on finger-contact areas for good grip. An auto-retracting Kevlar lanyard built into the tough nylon belt sheath prevents loss if you accidentally drop the pliers, and can be detached for untethered use.

Pliers are 7 3/8" long. Useful in any tool kit (or tackle box), these are highly recommended.