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Our restorer's bars have a cat's paw on one end used for nail pulling and as a hammer; the other end has a wafer-thin pry tip ideal for easing apart cabinets in repair work without marring the wood.

Until you have used them, it is difficult to appreciate their versatility. Removing molding, separating miter joints in frames and easing off paint-seized hardware are just a few more examples.

The 8" long cat's paw with a 1 3/8" wide pry tip is easy to carry or store. The 12" one with a 1 1/2" wide pry tip is for more serious work.

Just in case you were wondering, the loop on the shaft of the 12" size is for attaching a cord or cable, since construction workers in Japan must tether all their tools for safety reasons. Excellent tool value.

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