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The performance of these impressive little saws lives up to their fine appearance. Both saws are compact yet functional, with comfortable beech wood handles, nice balance, and an even cutting action.

The kugihiki is a small flush-cutting saw with numerous uses, from trimming the wedges or pins securing a tenon to cutting the excess from a plug concealing a screw — anywhere a cut is needed adjacent to a finished surface. The 6 1/4" long flexible blade has 17 tpi and cuts quickly, yet still leaves a smooth finish. There is no set to the teeth, allowing the user to approach work from either direction in restricted space.

The dozuki has ripping teeth that work efficiently without compromising the quality of the cut. A small bevel at the tip of each tooth shears the wood fibers; this enhances the saw's smooth feel and allows it to produce satisfactory crosscuts. This saw can be used for cutting tenon shoulders or haunches as well as dovetails. 13 1/2" overall, it has an 18 tpi blade that is 6 1/4" long, with a maximum cutting depth of 1 1/4". The spine is slightly arched to provide additional stiffness since the blade cuts a kerf only 0.015" wide.

Offered as a pair, they are also available separately.

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